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The Top Talent and Immigration Show

Feb 14, 2020

Gonzalo Bruce is the Assistant Provost for the Center for Global Education at Boise State University. He is the Senior International Officer (SIO) serving a public, doctoral research university of 24,000+ students. His administrative responsibilities include campus internationalization efforts, international enrollment management, international student services, global learning opportunities, and international scholar services.

In this episode…

Is studying in the US something you’re considering? How can you be sure that the University you have chosen has the right support system for your transition as an international student to being an employable contributor to the US economy? According to Gonzalo Bruce, Assistant Provost at the Center for Global Education at Boise State University in Idaho, these are just some of the things that they aim to address in their programs for international students.

In this episode of Top Talent and Immigration, Kaushik dives deep into the programs and plans that Boise State has for their international students with the help of his guest, Gonzalo Bruce. They discuss how the programs of Boise State helps both international students and the local students of Boise, how they address immigration restrictions and challenges, and why international students should have Boise as their top of mind choice when they start to consider the idea of coming to the US for their studies and for immigration. Stay tuned.