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The Top Talent and Immigration Show

Aug 28, 2019

The immigration process can be a difficult one, but there are great opportunities for those who wish to seek opportunity in the United States. The E2 Entrepreneur Visa is perfect for those who have or are building a small business which can provide jobs and support the immigrant’s family.

It can be a difficult process, however, so how does one ensure the highest chance of success when applying? Bobby Chung has spent time as an entrepreneur, an immigrant, and he is an accomplished lawyer, giving him a unique skillset which can be of great value to those seeking to move to America.

Join Kaushik Ranchod as he sits down with Bobby to discuss the E2 Visa process, his experiences which brought him to where he is, and even the craziest thing he has ever done.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

[0:54] Bobby Chung describes his background, and how 

[1:42] The time Bobby walked over burning coals, and how Bobby chose to work with entrepreneurs

[4:52] The major turning points for Bobby’s career

[7:32] Bobby’s personal experience with immigration and entrepreneurship gives him expertise for his clients

[10:25] The challenges Bobby has faced

[14:21] Finding talent is a big challenge for entrepreneurs and those growing a business

[15:08] Background info on the E2 Entrepreneur Visa and examples from

[19:50] How an immigrant can have employees before having a visa

[22:05] The challenges which new immigrants can face coming to America

[24:10] What happens when a visa is denied, and what options the applicant has

[27:05] How the experiences while working for a deportation judge gave him perspective for his clients now

[29:50] Bobby’s mentors in business and life

[34:01] How to reach out to Bobby Chung

Resources Mentioned on this episode

The Law Office of Bobby Chung

Bobby’s email: 

Bobby Chung LinkedIn

Ranchod Law Group

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