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The Top Talent and Immigration Show

Mar 25, 2020

Kaushik Ranchod is an immigration attorney for families and employers. He is the CEO of Ranchod Law Group, a firm that helps individuals and families start a new life in the US by walking them through the immigration process and helping them navigate through the system. They are dedicated to connecting skilled individuals with companies who are facing a shortage of talent and helping them both thrive.

In this episode…

If you’re in the process of applying for a National Interest Waiver, you need to prove one thing: that your application would be more beneficial to the United States versus them looking in the domestic pool of talents to fill the position that you’re applying for. So how does applying for the NIW process outweigh the labor certification process?

In this week’s episode of Top Talent and Immigration Kaushik Ranchod talks about the pros and cons of filing an NIW versus getting a labor certification, and the things you need to prepare should you decide to apply for both. Stay tuned.