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The Top Talent and Immigration Show

Jan 29, 2020

The immigration laws are changing quickly and more changes are expected this year. For instance, the rules for filing your H1B have changed. What are the changes? How do you file for your H1B under President Trump’s administration? 

Kaushik Ranchod has some advice on what you need to know when filing your H1B in 2020. Tune in on this week’s episode to find out all the details including the new rules to file your H1B, when to apply, and what to expect. 

In this episode…

With the current presidential administration, the U.S immigration laws are changing faster than you can keep up with. If you’re looking to file your H1B the rules have changed. In this episode of Top Talent and Immigration, Kaushik talks about the changes to the immigration law as it affects your H1B application. 

How then do you file your H1B? Kaushik breaks down the details including when to apply, how long the process is likely to take, and what to expect. Employers are not left out. Kaushik shares the biggest mistake to avoid when filing H1B for your employees and unpacks what you need to do to stand a better chance for your application to be considered.