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The Top Talent and Immigration Show

Sep 4, 2019

Every great story has a beginning.

Kaushik Ranchod has had an exciting career that has gone from the dotcom burst to opening his own law firm, --by himself-- in the post-9/11 world. Kaushik has lived in many cultures around the world, so becoming an immigration lawyer was a natural fit.

In this episode, Kaushik is joined by John Corcoran to talk about how his early career, starting an immigration law firm and applying for a visa in the current political climate.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

[1:38] What Kaushik did just after Law School
[2:44] Why Kaushik likes to work with people from all over the world
[3:30] Starting a Law Firm after 9/11 and the challenges which that entailed
[4:45] The current climate for immigration visa acceptance
[5:40] Kaushik’s first immigration case
[7:50] Immigration Law is a very rewarding career
[9:01] A glimpse inside Ranchod Law
[10:45] What Kaushik is excited about for the future of the company

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Ranchod Law Group

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